Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Top midi

Final set up done. This guitar plays like a dream. The neck is extreamly comfortable and fast and the access to the high frets is effortless and second to none. This guitar has suffered all kinds of delays, from the first neck splitting during construction and the second ruined by the rain coming through the broken roof to constant delays for personal issues. I'm surprised I haven't cut it up with a chain saw seen how frustrating all those things have been. Well, all in all, it's a pleasure to play it now. In a few days the crazy electrics will be done and then Bernard will enjoy it for a very long time :)

Early days for this one. The Top Midi will spot a Brazilian mahogany body with a top grade European flamed maple top, Honduras mahogany neck "very old stock" rosewood fretboard with tree of life inlays. Abalone bindings on body, neck and headstock, 22 frets 24.75" scale, 12" radius, abalone headstock logo. The electrics are crazy!!! Fernandes sustainer on the neck, Duncan SH13 on the bridge and a Duncan 59 in the middle, strat type term and a tasq nut. Natural finish with true oil. This week I will do all the rough work on it. 
A wile has passed, the guitar is now on the final build stages. The neck is very thin and has an amazing access to the high register. No truss rod, instead a titanium rod and two carbonium bars. The large routings in the thin body with comfort contours and the thin neck makes for a surprisingly light waight instrument. I expect to finish all works by next week so delivery before the end of January. I can't wait to play it :)

I love the flame on this top. To enhance the flame I've rubbed mahogany dust on it and then sanded it gently with 1200 grit. That helps creating a stronger flame effect. I've chosen this method over the PRS style staining to get a more natural look as the stain under just oil would definately look too in your face and unnatural. It's a very old trick used by Italian violin makers in theyr golden age... Tradition passing down the generations:)

And the project comes to an end. I've delivered the guitar to Bernard yesterday. He loves it and that obviously makes me a happy luthier. This project has suffered so many sit backs that it made it all more difficult to keep at it with the necessary focus to make a great instrument like this. Next now :)

Sunday, 18 August 2013


Guitar now finished, shipping tomorrow Tuesday the 24th of dicember. It plays beautifully and sounds amazing. Retail price £2100
This stunning piece of English Walnut, is soon to become a superstrat for my friend Mario Battocletti. It will be paired with a Wenge neck traditionally built with a Snakewood filling piece at the back. The back of the neck will be shaped like the very first Fenders with a V at the headstock end. 22 brass frets, brass nut, brass pick guard loaded with Alnico 5 single coil pick ups. Look out for this very special build!!!