Wednesday, 5 November 2014

New Shredder 7 strings

This is a project that's been rolling on and off on spare time for about a year. It's now nearing completion build wise. Mahogany body with carved Ash top, 5 splices neck Maple Mahogany with 2 ways truss rod and 2 carbon fibre reinforcement bars. Ebony fret board, 24 stainless steel frets, 27" scale length. I will make a Brass fixed bridge, locking tuners, steel nut. The neck will have a thin c shape and is deep set with very good access to the high frets. 1 volume, 1 tone, 1 3 way blade switch. Pick ups wise. I'm thinking Duncans Black Winter bridge and Sentinent neck but not set in stone as jet. 

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Cigar box guitars

A new project on the bench, 4 cigar box guitars. All of the same dimensions, 25" scale length, same size bodies, all 5 splices neck maple / mahogany / oak. The body woods will vary, I have lined up some walnut, mahogany, purple heart and oak. All to be 3 strings, probably 2 resonators and all will have a pick up on the neck position. Neck through and strings through body, medium frets "not sure about how many as yet". It's my first time on this kind of instrument. I very much look forward to this :)
The splices for the 4 necks are all cut and planed, ready to glue today.
The first is done. A prototype really and I will keep it for my self. Body bubinga and oak, fretboard bubinga with 22 jumbo frets, steel nut and bridge saddle. The pick up is from a Hoffner Galaxy 1964 which I've re cased in brass, that helps with the vintage sound tipical of this instruments. It plays brilliant and sound the part. Now I'll build the other 3 simultaneously. Not sure of timber choice but oak and pine will probably be top choices


The ones of you who knows me are aware of my policy of keeping away from straight up copies. Nevertheless a year or so ago I've agreed to build 3 Klein headless guitar copies to be built one at the time with no finish or electrics. I've now began work on the last of them. Pics to follow

Guitar finished today. Forgot to take pictures before let it go. I'm very pleased with how comfortable it plays, that neck is like butter

Thursday, 10 July 2014

A5 Type Mandolins

This are two A5 Type Mandolins wich I'm making simultaneously. They are slightly different as one will have a central sound hole where the other will have 2 F holes. For the rest both have figured Sapele back and sides from the same board, European spruce top logged in England, all blocks, bracing a and kerfing are cut from a log of willow cut from a tree 5 miles down the road. Will spot a Benedetto style tail piece made of Snakewood, fret board, bridge and all bindings will be in Snakewood as well. 

Second body
First mandolin is finished and sounds fantastic. Great playability as well and it looks just great.
The second is following slowly but proceeds well