Wednesday, 9 April 2014


I call this the classic. First take on it, it's a standard tele body shape but with comfort cuts like a strat with a 25" scale length neck shped with a sharp V at the head stock end smoothening to a soft V by the7th fret. It falls really well into your hand when playing open chords and feels fast and comfortable mid and higher neck. The body wood is Iroko and the neck one piece Wenge with Snakewood head stock veneer and filler piece at the back. Neck oil finish with 22 Jumbo frets. Pick ups on this one are Seymour Duncan hot rails mini humbaker with coil tap on the bridge and quarter pound on the neck. Both pickups are quite hot but both retain a very good clarity and the quarter pound a very warm and round tone. Almost finished now, just a bit of setting up then for sale at £1200 retail price. As usual artist price available